Children, So happy and free. When I see their cheerfulness, It fills me with glee. They don’t have any worries. They’re all so carefree. I see them everywhere I go. Playing in the park, Swinging on the swings. They play in the sandbox, While fighting over toys. I see them walking with their parents. Down …

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Young Adult Books to Read During Pride Month (2020-2021)

When I was growing up, my first experience with the LGBTQ+ community was through fanfiction. While there were people in my family who were part of the community, it wasn’t something that was talked about. Since I live in the South, it wasn’t talked about in schools either. However, fanfiction served as my entry point …

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April Book Recap

If you read my previous blog post on my book recap, then you know that April will be getting the blog treatment as well. I will be going back to the video format for May, but if you enjoy this format as well, let me know! This helps me plan when writing my scripts. In …

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Numb (Snow)

I feel the coldness creeping in.  The snow continues to fall as I stare lifelessly into the sky. My entire body is numb, and I am tired. The avalanche separated me from my entire group.  I don’t know if the others are alive or where they are. I don’t know if I will survive.

March Book Recap

So, for the past couple of months, I have had a difficult time finding time to record and edit videos. Because of this, my book recaps on YouTube disappeared. While I will be doing a short one for May just so I can stay on track, I didn’t want to backtrack too much, so instead …

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