The Shop (Watch)

I love shopping for gifts, but not when it’s for someone I don’t know. Why was I the one chosen to buy the gift for our new boss? If he hates it, they’ll just throw me under the bus. As I walk down the sidewalk mumbling to myself, I look up and happen to catch …

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Freedom (Fan)

I’m holding on for dear life. The instructions from the man on the recording beats around in my skull. I know who he is. Everyone does. Jigsaw came for me. Screams are leaving my mouth as I stare down below. What I first thought were fans are much deadlier than that. I look across from …

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The Door (Knot)

Sweat beads on my forehead. My eye twitches ever so slightly. The knot in my stomach tightens. I’m afraid of what I will face behind that door. I begin to reach for the handle, when it starts rattling.  What fear am I about to face?


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