The Lone Survivor (Treasure)

“X” is supposed to mark the spot. The treasure is supposed to be here, but I can’t find it.  We tried so hard to find it. We lost so many people in the hunt. I’m the only one left. What’s the point of this treasure if there’s no one alive to have it.

The Reminder (Sling)

The sling serves two roles.  First, it prevents my arm from moving while it heals. Second, it reminds me of the cruelty of man. That night was a blur, but I clearly remember the pain from the blows that kept coming and coming. I will never forget the laughter that surrounded me as I curled …

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Prom Night (Misfit)

It’s pathetic how hard the misfit tries to fit in. As if we would ever like her or be friends with her.  She’s scrawny and freaky. She was never popular, so why would she think that one of the most popular guys would go out with her? She’ll get what she deserves, and by the …

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The Fight (Dizzy)

I open my eyes feeling dizzy. I look toward my right only to be met with a punch to the face.  How many times have I been hit? How many times have I fallen down? Why do I keep getting back up? I feel the pain radiate throughout my body. I can’t keep doing this. 

The Power of a Name

Monday The most hated day of the week The killer of all things fun Monday The name sign of the Moon The celebration of this celestial body Monday The target of jokes The bane of all workers Having the name Monday is a lot of pressure. When being introduced to someone, they go through three …

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