The Disappearance (Bat)

I sit down in one of the seats waiting for the others to arrive. We had a few more practice dates until our yearly show, and I was excited to see what the others prepared. As more people trickled in, I noticed someone new. We got new members sometimes, but I don’t think I saw …

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Helpless (Scurry)

I open my eyes to darkness.I feel cold concrete on every piece of exposed skin.Where am I? I attempt to move my legs, but they are numb.I stretch my arms out trying to find something, anything to grasp hold of, but I find nothing. I hear the scratching of something on the ground.Sharp nails scratch …

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The Bet (Gargoyle)

I travel through the darkness in the cemetery. ‘Why did I take this stupid bet? There’s not enough money in the world to justify this trip,’ I thought to myself. As I gingerly step around some of the headstones, trying not to trip, something catches my attention. A large figure stands to the right of …

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