The Stranger (Inktober Day 3: Bulky)

I lean across the counter staring at the clock as the seconds tick by waiting for my shift to end. 

It never ends.

As the hands creep toward the midnight hour, the sound of the door chimes alert me to a customer. I wonder who it is tonight? No regulars come at this point, and I don’t see too many new faces around here.

I straighten up and put on my best customer service face. As I go to greet the person, I am stopped in my tracks by the sight of this stranger. 

He looms in the doorway as he glances around. I can’t pinpoint any distinguishable feature on his face, but when his eyes lock with mine, they sharpen and glint a quick red. It’s like they pierce into my soul. 

He walks toward me, and when he stops, he drops his bulky bag creating a loud noise. He doesn’t speak, he just stares.

I try to stutter out some words, but no sound leaves my mouth.

A movement out the corner of my eye catches my attention. I look and see the bag moving. Almost as if it was pulsing. I frantically look up, but the stranger is gone.

The pulsing gets stronger, and a light begins to shine. I can’t run or hide. I’m frozen in place. 

Now, there is sound coming from the bag. Growls and hisses fill the store.

As my heart beats faster, and I begin to sweat, the clock strikes midnight and everything stops. 

I try moving, and I am unstuck. I run toward the door hoping to escape whatever I just saw, but the door is locked. 

Suddenly, I register the sounds. The growls and hisses are back.

I slowly turn around only to see a terrifying beast emerge from the bag. 

I slide down to the ground accepting my fate. 

There is no escape. 

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