Review of “The Siamese Twin Mystery”

The Siamese Twin Mystery by Ellery Queen follows the father and son duo of Ellery Queen and Inspector Queen as they stumble upon a mystery on Arrow Mountain. This was the second book I had to read for my English class, Mystery’s Golden Age.

Reading this was very interesting. It was very easy to determine who the killer was, but because of the different clues readily available, it took awhile for the picture to become clear. This is one of those books where there seems to be a lot of different possible suspects, which would be hard to tell based on the personality of the victim. 

One of the things I really enjoyed was the relationship between father and son. At times, they really got on each other’s nerves when it came to solving the crime. At others, they could easily communicate with each other without even speaking. This added to the humor of the story, as well as the confusion when solving the crime. 

However, one of the things I disliked about the novel was the blatant misogyny displayed by the main characters. They would make backhanded comments about the role of women and the attitudes they have. It happened so many times throughout the story, that it became a hindrance.

Overall, I gave this a 3 out of 5

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