The Girl (Inktober Day 11: Disgusting)

The vampire attacks have been happening more frequently over the past few years. 

So many of my loved ones have died because of them.

Two days ago I ran into a young girl named Sarah.

She was lost and she was looking for her sister.

Knowing this pain, I agreed to help her.

It took us some time, but we found the last place her sister was sighted.

I entered into the building not knowing what to expect.

The place was empty, but I found one closed door that might lead somewhere.

Looking behind to make sure Sarah was still there, I opened the door.

The smell was disgusting.

I almost threw up, but I had to keep my composure.

If not for me then for Sarah. 

I walk further into the room to see if anyone was still alive.

Based on the smell and the rats running under my feet, I don’t think so. 

I look back to make sure Sarah was still behind me, but she wasn’t there anymore.

Scared, I frantically turn around trying to find her, but she is nowhere in sight.

Suddenly, I feel a sharp sting in my neck.

I feel the blood and life drain from me while the giggle of a little girl fills the room.

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