Review of “Murder Must Advertise”

Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy Sayers follows Lord Peter Wimsey as he investigates a death at Pym’s Publicity, a London advertising agency. Along the way, he discovers more secrets than expected, and advertising takes a dark turn. 

This was the third book I had to read for my English class, Mystery’s Golden Age. Unfortunately, even that reason couldn’t motivate me to read the beginning of the book at a steady or fast pace. 

Two of the biggest detractors for me were the setting and language used. Because it was set in an advertising agency in London, there was a lot of jargon used that made the story hard to understand and follow at times. The setting as a whole didn’t interest me much even though I worked with advertisers before. 

However, once Lord Wimsey really delves into solving the crime, it becomes much more enjoyable. He is an interesting character, and the different roles he plays in the story are entertaining to read.

When it comes to the killer, there were enough clues to guess who the killer was and the main point of the plot.

Overall, I gave this a 3 out of 5.

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