The Strange Phenomena (Inktober Day 20: Coral)

Coral everywhere.

That’s what I see when I first walk out of my house Sunday morning.

Coral has gotten more popular the past few months as additions in home aquariums, but why are there so many outside?

While they were slightly annoying, being everywhere possible, they were adorable to look at, and they added a certain aesthetic to the city.

Of course scientists came out to study this interesting phenomena, but they couldn’t find out why it started. 

All they know is that they weren’t causing any harm.

However, as the days went on, people mysteriously began dying by the masses. 

It started with them having breathing issues, but no one was that worried at first.

The air pollution in California has been getting worse as the years passed, and this was one of the side effects. 

However, those people soon begin losing control of their muscles, and soon their minds. 

The hospitals couldn’t place everyone in a room, so the hallways were packed. 

The sight of those dying in the hospital was nothing compared to the actual dead.

What began as several funerals a week, ended with body dumping ceremonies each day. 

People finally discovered that it was the coral causing it, but by then it was too late.

I’m one of the lucky few. I never became sick.

Everyday when I walk by the overgrown coral, I’m reminded of all the people who died.

I want to destroy them, but they just keep coming back.

Sometimes, my mind plays tricks on me, and I think I see them move, but that can’t be right.

Can it?

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