Papers Served (Inktober Day 23: Rip)

I’m cooking dinner in the kitchen when I hear the front door open.

I turn around with a smile on my face.

It’s not until I register the look on his face that my smile drops.

He says nothing, but he hands me a letter.

I blankly stare at it as he makes his way up the stairs to our room. 

The words barely register as tears well in my eyes. 

My hands begin trembling as I try to hold it together, but the words keep pounding their way in my head. 

I rip the paper in anger.

How dare he do this to me!

I’ve been nothing but loving and forgiving of everything he’s done.

I will not stand for this.

I head to the stairs, grabbing a knife as I walk out the kitchen.

He will regret ever making a fool out of me.

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