The Dance (Inktober Day 28: Float)

I didn’t want to come to this dumb party, but I had nothing else to do today.

I was standing along the back of the wall when I noticed her. 

She was gorgeous with her long, flowing hair and her long dress emphasized her curves. 

She looked up, and her eyes locked with mine.

Everyone else seemed to fade out of sight, and I was hypnotized.

She began heading toward me.

The ethereal being seemed to float across the floor which each step she took.

When she stepped within reach, I stretched my hand out to her, but I felt a chill crawl up my spine.

The blissful daze I was in faded, and I realized I was alone.

None of the partygoers remained, and the being was no longer there.

Afraid, I began to try to leave when I felt a coldness wrap around me. 

Frozen in place, my breathing began to become restricted.

As I frantically search around, the being reappears in front of me.

“Join me,” she whispers while beckoning with her fingers.

I am enchanted once again.

Now, with the ability to move my body, I follow her across the room, out of the building, and into the darkness.

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