dies Lunae

“dies Lunae” Recording
Dear body dear skin dear Monday and dearly accepted
dear stomach and dear mind you work with each other
tangled in wires of mixed signals of which food 
should enter this temple of a body to be fuel
for the day dear body you are not were not
a waste of space taking up room in other people’s lives
in this vast world dear body you should know
that I used to hate your reflection dear arms dear legs
dear individual pieces dear dark-skinned body dear all the aspects
of me that I hated dear power and dear intelligent mind
dear body I hated myself because of how I shaped you years ago
without a thought of how I could have continued to shape you
and make you into something more acceptable to a society who focuses on 
long hair and thin models
I know now while July days may cause me to cover up 
my body I should be proud of this human vessel I have
however don’t mistake this confidence as ignorance of the many health issues around
dear body dear vessel you are extremely beautiful dear body dear love
no matter what I think on bad days and nights
this love letter is for me 

Mimicked after “Actias Luna” by Leslie Harrison

*This was a post from my former blog. Originally posted March 17, 2018.

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