In Memory of my Grandma

Originally, I wasn’t planning on posting anything to my blog for Mother’s Day. However, on May 7th, my grandma, Dorothy Sanderson, died. I have lived with her my entire life. She took care of me when I was younger, and my mom was at work. Near the end, the roles were switched, and I took care of her while my mom was at work. While we expected her to reach her end, we weren’t prepared for her to die when she did.

She was one of the most stubborn and sassy people I ever met. At times, it felt like speaking to a brick wall when we were trying to help her, but despite this, I loved her deeply. She introduced me to soap operas and criminal dramas. Her love of Family Guy and American Dad astounds me to this very day. No matter what was on the TV, she always managed to laugh and draw others in.

Before she got too ill to attend, she would always go to church. You could also expect her there on Sundays for regular service and Wednesdays for Bible study. If it was a holiday like Easter, she would be there for every service possible, no matter how early. After I began performing poems at school, she would have me perform different poems at church events and funerals. Today, in memory of her, I wrote a poem dedicated to her. I’ve included me reading it as well.

I will miss her, but the impact she had on my life, and the life of others will stay around forever.

Dear Grandma,
Over the years, you have helped me grow and mature.
Raising me with my mom, you were someone I always went to.
Only time can heal this pain I feel, but is there ever enough time?
The Lord will comfort my mom and I because we know
He welcomed you with open arms.
You can rest in peace knowing that your love and the memories you created lives within us all.

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