Update (May 2021)

I’m not the best at keeping to a schedule or updating my blog in normal situations. When my life gets chaotic, my blog and YouTube suffers as well. 

For those who read my previous blog (non Inktober post), you will know that my grandmother died. I lived with my grandma my entire life, and for the past month or more, I dedicated most of my free time to either taking care of her or helping my mom around the house.

Not only was I dealing with this personal issue, but I was also dealing with some issues with work. While I won’t go into detail about it, I will say I had to transfer locations, so I recently started a new position with less hours than before. 

These compounding factors have led to a lack of focus in reading and a lack of motivation in writing. However, I know that I need to get back on track because I want to continue improving writing and creating videos. So, while it will take some time, especially with my natural laziness at times, I am determined to post more regularly on this blog and on my YouTube channel. 

I won’t give concrete dates for some of my planned content, but here is what you can look forward to.

  • March and April Book Recap
  • May Book Recap
  • Thoughts on Books for Summer Reading
  • YA Books featuring LGBTQ+ Characters and Themes
  • A Poetry Reading (TBD)
  • “Again but Better” Book Trailer

If there is anything that you all want to see specifically, please let me know. I tend to do better producing content and doing tasks when someone asks.

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