I’m wandering around,
Lost with no sense of direction.

I hear the voices surrounding me.
I try to walk towards them,
But I keep on getting lost.

I want to find my way back,
But there are other voices driving me away.
I don’t know if it’s worth going to those nice, comfortable voices
If the mean ones are going to be there.

I know we’re supposed to love all people,
But how can you love someone who spouts lies and horrible words?

I want to go back,
But I don’t think I can.
All I can do is stand there in an open plain.
All living things are dead and the wind is making a deathly howl.

The hot tears are streaming down my face.
All I want is to just collapse on the ground.
I just want all of this to go away.
I want these voices to fade away.

My fingers are tearing at my hair,
The voices are getting louder and louder.
And then everything’s quiet.

I open my eyes and look around.
Everything is so quiet and peaceful.
The flowers are blooming and the howling wind is now a gentle breeze.

I’m still alone, 
But at least I’m alone in peace.
All of the voices have gone, 
And now I can rest.

*This poem was written when I was in 8th grade.

2 thoughts on “Voices

    1. Luna's Literary Corner

      I recently unearthed a lot of my former pieces of writing, so I’ll try sharing more of that in between my new stuff I hopefully write.


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