Whispers from the Beyond (Crystal)

The moon shines no light tonight as I travel through the woods.
The deafening silence only warns of the approaching danger.
The only light that guides my path comes from the crystal in my hands.
It’s guiding me somewhere. Where? I don’t know. 
I found the crystal in my bedroom one night. 
It just looked pretty at first, but then the whispers started.
The whispers that wormed their way into my head.
The whispers that led me here.

I finally make it to the location that it seems to be leading me to.
The eerie silence only becomes more pronounced as I stand in the clearing.
The crystal begins to glow brighter.
The whispers grow louder. 
My body begins to burn.
Pain shoots all through my body.
The crystal begins to float, and as my vision begins to fade, 
I start to see the outline of spirits around me. 
The spirits don’t look so nice.

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