2021: A Year in Review

Favorite Songs Released in 2021

Honorable Mentions

  • Get Down by Genesis Lynea or Brittney Mack (2018)
  • Depressed by Coco Jones (2019)
  • Ew by Emily Deahl (2019)
  • Wish u were here by grouptherapy. (2020)

20. Tightrope by Ann@lise

19. Worst Day by Sarina

18. Meet Me at Our Spot by The Anxiety, Willow, and Tyler Cole

17. Call Me Queen by Citizen Queen

16. Enough by Ryan the Son and nobigdyl.

15. Buzzkill by Mothica

14. Riot by Moza Kaliza

13. Monday by Imagine Dragons

12. Swang by Claire Ernst

11. Record Player by Daisy the Great and AJR

10. Danger by Uzuhan and Sam Ock

9. Ob****uary by Qveen Herby

8. Lost by NF and Hopsin

7. MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X

6. Dancing with the Devil by Demi Lovato

5. Juice by Qveen Herby

4. Holy Spirit by Hulvey

3. Industry Baby by Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow

2. Clouds by NF

1. Not a Monster by Angie Rose* (Came out mid to late December 2020 but didn’t gain traction until 2021)

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