New Store Open!


So, I sometimes have ideas that I never put into action. However, these past few weeks, I began thinking about opening different online stores to sell digital products.

I’ve been creating bookmarks and other digital products for my coworkers and friends for the past couple of years, and I decided to sell them.

The first store I have is on Etsy. On this platform, I am going to begin selling digital products that can be printed like bookmarks, schedules, calendars, and more. I am also looking into setting up commissions for physical products as well.

July Bookmarks (Space Theme) Available on Etsy

The great thing about being a follower of my blog is that you get the opportunity to get a free printable bookmark each month. In order to receive them for each month beginning in August, please sign up here.

Success! You're on the list.

I am also in the works of creating a Teachers Pay Teachers store, but that requires more work since I just began teaching, and I’m still finding out what works for me.

I hope that you like the products that I put up. I have been having fun creating the bookmarks, and as someone who likes to create schedules (even though I rarely stick with them), I love playing around with new schedule formats.

Free Bookmark Download

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