The Disappearance (Bat)

I sit down in one of the seats waiting for the others to arrive. We had a few more practice dates until our yearly show, and I was excited to see what the others prepared.

As more people trickled in, I noticed someone new. We got new members sometimes, but I don’t think I saw him around campus.

Once everyone was in, we began practicing our group number first. While we were singing, I heard someone shout, “Is that a bat!”

We all stop what we’re doing, and our eyes dart over to the voice. It was the new arrival. He was pointing up at the ceiling.

That’s when we saw something dive.

It passed over us, and it went to one of the windows. Some of the more braver members of the club tried to catch it; I was not one of them.

It took a while, but someone caught it in their jacket and let it free outside. As our adrenaline died down, and we began laughing, I realized someone was missing.

We were so distracted by the bat that we never noticed one of our own disappeared. We tried searching for her in the building and outside, but we couldn’t find her.

The new arrival was gone as well.

We don’t know what happened to her, but we hope she’s safe.

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