Art Project (Scallop)

It’s late at night as I scroll through the Internet. I should be writing my essay, but I still have two more days until it’s due. 

As I’m about to click on someone’s profile, I receive an email from my friend Veronica.

“Hey girl!” It says. “I found a new project for you to work on. This channel has some cute projects for you to try!”

Intrigued, I open up the link to watch the video.

On the screen is this girl who looks to be my age. I turn up the volume to hear her speak.

“Hello! Today we will be creating a beautiful design using paper punches. Normally, I usually use what comes out, but my goal today is to create the punches in a way to add more personality to our canvas.”

Already, I am annoyed by her bubbly personality. I continue watching.

“While we can decorate our canvas with a simple circle paper punch, I personally love using the more fun designs. Today, I will alternate between the heart and circle scallop.”

The video pans down as she uses the tools on her canvas. This time her canvas is made from the skin of someone who really loved tattoos. 

“I could make pretty artwork too if I found someone else to do all of the work,” I huff in annoyance. 

I click off of the video, and go back to scrolling for my next canvas.

‘Maybe I’ll look for someone with piercings to have some basic design already there,’ I think to myself.

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