The Finals (Trip)

I run as fast as I can through the woods.

My heart is pounding, and I’m breathing heavy.

My lungs burn with pain.

It’s down to just two of us. We began with 15.

No one expected me to make it this far.

All of us, including me, thought I would be the first one out, but I’m almost at the end.

I stare straight forward making sure I don’t run into anything, when I see Lindsey out of the corner of my eye.

She was the top contender, but she seemed to be slacking.

Just as we were about make it into another clearing, I see her fall to the ground.

I know what this means.

I keep staring forward trying not to trip like she did.

Behind me I hear a growl. I try to outrun Lindsey’s blood curdling screams, but they echo in my head. 

I should be sad and devastated as all of my classmates are dead. Instead I smile, elated to have won.

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