Horror Cliche (Armadillo)

Yawning, I try to keep my focus on the road.

I knew it was a mistake to leave this late at night, but I just got so distracted.

I yawn again, this time my eyes watering. I blink to get rid of the tears.

My vision cleared just in time for me to see an armadillo toddle out across the road.

I jerked my steering wheel to avoid hitting it, but on a country road like this, I ended up going off the road.

I’m breathing heavily as my heart races. I’m just glad I didn’t crash into anything, and that my car is still working.

I start trying to take some calming breaths only to become very aware of the eerie silence surrounding me.

This late at night I should be able to hear nature at its loudest. Instead, I hear nothing. Not even the annoying sounds of a cricket.

Just as I was about to pull back on the road, I heard a scratching sound coming from behind my car.

Without thinking, I immediately put my car in reverse to get back on the road. I sped away after putting it in drive.

I wasn’t going to look behind to see what that may have been.

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