The Monster around the Corner (Inktober Day 26: Hide)

It has already gotten my friends, and it’s coming after me next.

I run down the hallways, trying to stay ahead of it.

I duck behind a wall in the kitchen where I can at least have a fighting chance.

I grab a knife, and I try to stay as silent as possible as I hide from the creature.

I try holding my breath, but as I hear the footsteps getting nearer, I let out a shaky exhale.

The steps stop.

I tense up, afraid of what will happen next.

I see the clawed hand reach around the corner with blood dripping to the floor.

I slash forward with the blade, and the creature’s hand retreat leaving behind a green substance.

I take this opportunity to move further into the room, but before I can get far, I am grabbed from behind. 

The monster’s claws gouge into my stomach, and blood gushes forth.

As I begin to lose consciousness, I begin to feel the creature’s teeth latch and gnaw on my arm.

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