The Doors (Inktober Day 31: Crawl)

I travel through the mansion, eager to get out.

Each door I opened gave me a new challenge.

The first door I opened required that I experience the pain of a fish hook tearing its way through my stomach and throat.

The tenth door led me to a room where I had to freeze almost to death for what felt like an eternity.

The twentieth door led me to a room full of coral that caused me to suffocate to the point of death.

The rooms broke me down mentally and physically, but I still moved forward.

It’s when I faced the thirty-first door that I encountered my toughest challenge.

In order to escape, I have to break the bones in my legs.

If I sacrifice my ability to walk, then I can be free.

I look behind me to see all the rooms I’ve left behind, and I look forward toward my possible escape.

I take it.

There was a lot of screaming, blood, and pain, but I did what must be done.

With the last bone broken, the door in front of me opens to the outside.

I crawl away with a smile on my face.

My legs may be broken, but I survived and won.

I survived.

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