The Power of a Name

The most hated day of the week
The killer of all things fun
The name sign of the Moon
The celebration of this celestial body
The target of jokes
The bane of all workers

Having the name Monday is a lot of pressure.
When being introduced to someone, they go through three stages.

The confusion flashes across their face.
“Is your name really Monday?”
You nod in affirmation.
“It’s spelled exactly like the day.”
You say in response anticipating this question after years of getting it.

A laugh bubbles out of their throat.
“Were you born on a Monday?”
They ask once the chuckle dies.
“Nope! I was born on a Sunday.”
Now, their curiosity is peaked.

After going through the normal speal, their brains start turning.
Next, a song inevitably spills from their lips.
Depending on their age, the song changes.
“Monday, Monday” (Mamas & the Papas)
“It’s just another manic Monday” (The Bangles)
“Sunday, Monday, happy days” (Happy Days Theme)

Not everyone goes through these stages, but my name has created expectations within me
I used to hate my name and the attention that it brought.
When I was bullied, my weight and name were the two main things they attacked.

Now, I embrace my name, and the many connotations of it.
The moon has become a symbol of joy for me.
My nickname of Luna has reached all parts of my life. 
Instead of cringing when people ask me questions about my name, 
I eagerly delve into the history of it.

A lover of books
A storyteller in life
A passionate nerd
A lover of culture
A woman trying to be kind
A woman trying to live her life

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