Accidental Discovery (Nest)

I’ve been wanting to make this trek for a while now. I wanted to take this hike with some of my friends, but they weren’t able to join.

I’m close to getting out of breath, when I find a nice shaded area off to the side. I head in that direction. Once there, I discovered a bird’s nest, but it was bigger than most I’ve ever seen.

Curious, I walk forward to get a better look.

Before I could get too close, I could hear the screech of a bird from above. I look up startled. 

Blinded by the sun, I couldn’t see anything of note right away. However, soon the sun was blocked out by a large creature.

With its wings outstretched, it swoops down in an attack motion. I feel sharp claws pierce my skin and my body lifted to the ground.

I have no time to think before I am dropped to my death.

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