A Deadly Meeting (Crabby)

We’re entering into our third hour of what was supposed to be a one hour meeting, and I’m getting irritated.

I feel my eye twitching increase as another speaker is introduced. Each one was only supposed to speak for 10 minutes to give a brief introduction to their specialty. Instead, they have droned on for what feels like hours.

I get restless and my annoyance builds. I tend to get crabby when I haven’t eaten in a while, and I should have had my dinner an hour ago.

Just when it seems like everything is wrapping up, our manager introduces our keynote speaker who will not just speak, but will do team-building exercises with us.

I snap.

My vision goes red, and I blank out. When I come to, I see bleeding bodies on the floor. All of them the speakers who visited today.

I turn around, and I see some of my coworkers huddling in the corner.

I lick my lips tasting the fresh blood. At least I don’t have to do group work anymore.

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