The Jump Off (Bluff)

I’m standing there as I watch my crush, Selene, talk to some guy. Her laugh that I love so much is on full display.

I’m getting jealous when I hear her asking him if he wanted to join her and some friends and go BASE jumping.

When he agrees, I can’t help myself.

“I can do that too!” I shout out.

She looked at me and cocked her eyebrow as if she was asking if I was serious.

She called out my bluff.

“Aren’t you afraid of heights?”

“Psssh,” I wave my hand. “That’s my cousin you’re thinking of. I’ve actually been BASE jumping before, so I know exactly what to do.”

The lie leaves my mouth before I can stop it.

With those words, I sealed my fate.

The next day, I find myself with Selene and her group of friends as we are prepping for the jump.

The rust on the bridge shows that the bridge has not been used for years. Now, it’ll be used for one of the dumbest decisions I’ve made.

As I watch the rest of the group get in position and start jumping, I begin to get scared. What was I even thinking of agreeing to this?

Just as I was about to back away and call it quits, Selene took the decision out of my hands.

“Have fun!” She shouts gleefully. 

My stomach drops as I begin falling. I’m panicking, not sure what to do. 

The ground is approaching faster than I expected. I hear voices yelling. They’re telling me to pull my parachute. 

But what stands out the most as I approach the earth is the once beautiful laugh of Selene echoing in my ears.

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