Taking a Stand (Bad Dog)

I’m standing there in shock. 

He’s standing in front of me with his dog on a chain growling and looking hungry.

I stay quiet as he goes on a monologue.

My eyes track him as he chains his dog to the wall and begins walking closer to the trap I planned.

As he begins to reach down for his weapon, I dart past him and run down a side hallway.

He storms behind me furiously, and as he gets closer, I pull the rope around his legs. 

He falls in the hole breaking his leg. 

I spring forward and hit him repeatedly on his head until he passes out. 

Before I head forward to exit, I need to take care of the dog that’s still growling. 

I know he’s not a bad dog, so I don’t want to hurt him. 

Instead, I throw him a piece of meat, and I walk up the stairs to my freedom.

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