2022: A Year in Review

Favorite Songs Released in 2022

Honorable Mentions

  • Help Me Now by Kevin McHale (2019)
  • Fall by Abrina (2021)
  • i hate every1 by NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS (2021)
  • 757 by Salem Ilese (2019)
  • Shut Me Up by Gabbie Hanna (2020)

20. W.I.T.C.H by Devon Cole

19. Rapunzel by emlyn

18. Blessed Mode by Kel Mitchell, Scootie Wop, nobigdyl.

17. Words by Alesso, Zara Larsson

16. Insane by Moza Kaliza

15. I DONT EVEN LIKE U by Royal & the Serpent

14. They Didn’t Know II by Wande

13. Bones by Imagine Dragons

12. Shots by JELEEL!, Denzel Curry

11. Warning Shots by Gabbie Hanna

10. Call by Tony Talks

9. Praise by WHATUPRPG and others

8. U-English Version by millennium parade, Belle

7. King Jesus by KB and others

6. Are You Entertained by Russ, Ed Sheeran

5. Puppet (Demo Version) by Faouzia

4. Spread the Opps by Lecrae

3. Good for Her by Mothica, emlyn

2. That’s Final by Aint Afraid

1. Married to Your Melody by Salem Ilese


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